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FJUF Annual Retreat

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2020 Virtual Annual Retreat

2020年輔仁大學基金會年會Annual Retreat,8月19、20日兩天在線上舉行。雖然今年因為疫情的影響,大家沒辦法如往常一樣面對面交流,但科技讓眾人跨越時區與國界,還是能同心將對母校的關懷化作愛與行動,並發揚身為天主教大學的使命特色。



The Fu Jen Catholic University Foundation's 2020 annual retreat was held virtually on August 19 and 20 due to the epidemic. Technology allowed everyone to cross time zones and national boundaries, to turn their love for their alma mater into action, and thereby carry forward the mission characteristics of being a Catholic university.

President Jiang Hansheng started the retreat with a briefing on the school's development achievements from the past year and welcomed the newly joined Vice President of Resources and Career Development Xie Bangchang. Next the president and Dr. Yao Wue conducted an in-depth discussion on the direction of future fundraising and cooperation with the school. Many of the foundation's directors are early graduates of Fu Jen with strong gratitude and concern for the school. These members actively made suggestions to assist the school in fundraising development.

Looking forward to 2021, Fu University will welcome the 60th anniversary of Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan. Whether it is academic excellence, faculty research and development or campus construction and beautification, FJCU will continue forward under the leadership of President Jiang. The foundation has also made a preliminary decision to hold the annual meeting next year after the school celebration, so that all participating directors can return to campus and feel the progress and changes of the Fu Jen Catholic University that gave birth to their own growth.