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Endowment Support for Academic Excellence

Fu Jen Catholic University’s transformation into a comprehensive Catholic university in Asia is complete with the addition of a state-of-the-art professional hospital. To advance academic excellence with inter-disciplinary studies and increase collaboration between the academic units and the hospital, Fu Jen University Foundation is moving toward an endowment fund drive.

Top education institutions in the U.S. rely on the support of endowments to stimulate growth and sustain development. Endowments are long term investments which grow the principal and generate income making the university more self-sustainable, so all the energy can focus more on learning, teaching and research.

With an endowment fund, it would allow Fu Jen to give out scholarships, faculty incentives, and research grants to create an innovative learning and teaching environment. Additionally, it could support campus operations and programs without constant reliance on tuition income.

With your support and a solid endowment investment strategy, the Foundation’s passion and legacy is to continue to build and support Fu Jen as a leading university that not only endures, but innovates and grows over time.

Please contact Mrs. Susan Chao, Chief Development Officer of Fu Jen University Foundation at for more information.