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Greetings from President Chiang

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March 20, 2016

Dear Alumni and Friends of Fu Jen Catholic University,

It is my pleasure and honor to greet warmly the alumni and friends of Fu Jen University in the United States, who are providing financial support for the university through the Fu Jen University Foundation. Your affection, indeed, your love for Fu Jen are greatly appreciated. You are our ambassadors and advocates in the US, making friendships and opening doors for us with other alumni and potential supporters.

While our 26939 students and 785 full-time, 1111 part-time faculty constitute a vibrant community of learners and teachers in Taipei, some 2800 Fu Jen alumni are now living and working in America. We cannot overstate your importance as alumni and friends in supporting and working on behalf of the university.

A great university never rests on its laurels. Great universities renew themselves regularly, building on their strengths and excellence. Fu Jen University -- a leader in communications, medical, science & engineering, business management, human ecology and language education -- has embarked on new ventures to build a state-of-the-art teaching hospital, a new advanced laboratories building and a language building for the College of Foreign Languages. Your role is especially crucial as Fu Jen undertakes these new initiatives to enhance the learning and teaching for students.

Again, I am honored to extend Fu Jen's heartfelt thanks for your energy, loyalty, dedication, and generous support to our university.

Cordially yours,

Vincent Han-Sun Chiang