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Advisory Council Members

Paul C. Wang
Professor and Director
Howard University

Dr. Paul Wang received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the Director of the Molecular Imaging Laboratory and a Professor in the Department of Radiology at Howard University.

He was trained as an applied radiation physicist at MIT in 1982. During his tenure at Howard University, Dr. Wang established the Molecular Imaging Laboratory to promote multidisciplinary research using imaging techniques for biomedical applications. He is responsible for coordinating research projects, providing technical support, and supervising the operation of the Molecular Imaging Lab as a university imaging core facility.

His research focuses on molecular imaging of diseases such as cancer and the development of nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles for targeted chemotherapy and diagnostic imaging. Dr. Wang has been awarded the Howard University College of Medicine Outstanding Faculty Researcher Award and the Dr. M. Wharton Young Research Award for his distinguished research and contributions to molecular imaging and its treatment of cancer and other diseases.

In 2010, Dr. Wang was honored with the Outstanding Alumni Award from Fu Jen University for his continued dedication to his field and contributions to Fu Jen. He has continued to teach at Fu Jen and is the Chair Professor for the University.

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