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The Impact of: 輔仁大學

Tammy Bray

As part of the inaugural class, we were like pioneers stepping into uncharted territory. Under the guidance of Sister Urbania, we embraced a pioneering spirit, unafraid of the unknown and eager to forge our own path. This spirit taught us that authentic leadership begins with initiative, leading me to achieve numerous 'firsts' in academia, such as becoming the first female professor in an all-male Department of Nutritional Sciences, the first female President of the Society of Free Radical in Medicine and Biology, and the first female dean among 11 college deans at Oregon State University.

At FJCU, we learned self-reliance, how to take ownership of our education and future, and that education involves not just acquiring knowledge but also questioning and redefining it. This independence fueled my passion for scientific pursuits, resulting in 110 peer-reviewed scientific articles, over $26 million in research grants, and $40 million in philanthropic contributions.

FJCU also nurtured a strong sense of giving back to society. Witnessing the selfless examples set by missionary professionals on campus, we understood the responsibility that comes with privilege. This ethos led me to volunteer with various non-profit organizations, embodying the spirit of paying forward as a way of giving back to FJCU.

My time at FJCU was about more than just earning a degree. It was about shaping character, instilling values, and fostering a spirit of innovation, responsibility, and service. The lessons from those pioneering days continue to guide my life, reminding me that genuine education extends beyond the classroom, molding both the mind and the heart.

~ Tammy Bray, PhD 譚孟春 (Home Economics, '67)